My 5 best tips about Paris

The history and fame of Paris make the City of Light a great international capital. Its monuments, museums and streets attract travelers from all over the world every year. They come to find an art of living immortalized by literature, cinema and the arts in general. So take the time to visit Paris. Your daily life will be just a left luggage. Here are 5 tips that I give to you !


Autumn and spring are periods of high traffic in Paris; this is the high season, during which it can be more difficult to find accommodation. Prices vary by category and season, but Paris is a rather expensive city; a standard double room in a well-run, well-located hotel costs an average of € 180 in high season.


The city of Paris is divided into 20 districts forming a spiral. The Seine divides the city in two banks, left and right. The general circulation is ordered by large squares forming stars from which leave boulevards which connect these squares between them. There are very few parallel streets or right angles, and often the streets change names at the crossroads (so be careful).

Vélib '

Paris offers a self-service bicycle service called Vélib '. Very convenient for short trips, inexpensive, the Vélib 'is a good alternative to the metro. You can take a ticket for the day or the week.


The sales are spread over two five-week periods: they start around the 10th of January and the 20th of June. There is good business in the early days, but traders often give additional price reductions over the weeks.


The climate in Paris is generally temperate, but autumn and winter are particularly rainy. Remember to bring a small umbrella compact. Pack seasonal clothing.

So enjoy your stay in Paris taking into account these various tips. This will allow you to anticipate your expenses and your programs.

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