Tour treep in Pattaya

Pattaya is the trendy city of the moment for the holidays. The tour of a city is not obvious, however, because you have to set the itinerary with your stay in the country. Moreover, there are plenty of places that must absolutely be seen there and the only way to be able to visit them all is to organize your own journey or by taking part in guided tours by an agency.

Pattaya, the guide

There is actually no reference route in the city of Pattaya. Tourists make their visit as they feel except that without a real itinerary visitors may miss some things from the city. To the north the main attraction is the bay of Naklua with its beautiful beach. It is possible to stay overnight on the area and enjoy nature. Afterwards, going more and more to the center by renting a scooter in a scooter rental pattaya it is possible to see the bay of Pattaya with its beach also. The city center is very lively, it is in this corner that the travelers can amply enjoy the city life and all the frenzied movements of the center. This visit to Pattaya city can certainly last 2 days if the person wants to tour the restaurants and discos but especially if she wants to go through the souvenir shops. The trip can finally end further south in Jomtien.

Pattaya and culture

The Thai cultural wealth is represented by the temples which are the symbol of a very powerful religion in the region as well as the spirituality that resides in the inhabitants. But this culture is also this incredibly beautiful nature with these fossilized trees giving an air of ancient times, forests with different endemic flores. The various parks also exist in the city, there is the famous Elephant Park to mark in its itinerary being an emblematic animal of the country, and at the same time not to forget the crocodile park. Properly arranging your visits in a good program will see all these corners.

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