Rent a boat to discover the landscapes

What type of boat will I rent to discover the landscapes for these holidays? This is probably the first question you ask yourself about a boat rental proposal. If you're a yacht charter beginner in the field, start by finding out from a yacht charter agency such as samboat if you want to rent a boat. The professionals at your disposal can provide you with an on-board staff, experienced in navigation techniques and can offer numerous routes along the Côte d'Azur or off the Atlantic Ocean. Do you have a permit for a coastal boat?

What type of boat to rent?

Several particularly impressive designs belonging to the mega-yachts community are real floating spots with a large number of cabins. These boats are more than 50 meters long and will welcome a gym, a wine cellar or a helicopter platform. We've just reviewed your luxury ship rental project's few essential elements. Renting an exceptional yacht, as you can see, depends primarily on the nature of your project, the number of passengers and the ideal destination. In any case, in order to leave in the best possible circumstances, it is important to predict all the issues that may occur for you in advance. The price of a trip aboard a yacht, whether you travel for a day or a week, will fly away easily!

Why rent a boat

Now, maybe you're a professional who needs to provide a unique experience for your employees or customers to improve the relationship or create the right conditions for a transaction? In this situation, it also seems to be a very interesting solution to rent a luxury ship that combines business and pleasure. As people on board, it is also an opportunity for you to explore a fascinating natural area rich in aquatic organisms. Initially, nautical seminars are based on the same concepts as conventional professional weeks: it is possible to consider and envision several activities on board, the time of stay.

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