There is no wine in the Caribean just Rhum !

When you made of tourism in a particular region, gastronomy and local products are part of the preserve objects. Thus, wine is one of the most successful products by tourists and there are even some tours dedicated to wine called wine. The islands like the Caribbean full of luxury drink. But the Caribbean is more rum than wine.

Wine tourism in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is deemed to be in the best rum vintages from colonization. The products of Caribbean territories have led to a craze for this original product. With the arrival of French and Spanish in the islands, canes began to cover all plantations in the region. So you can come here to taste the best wines ever seen with old alcohols of several years or even vintages, with professionals from luxury wine tourism in france. Caribbean rum is what wine is to the French. The West Indies, Barbados, Guyana and St. Lucia are the largest plantations and the most important territories of the Caribbean region. You can learn more about the history of these lands by following a well-defined circuit. Your visits will be utilized in learning more.

The rum, specialty islands

According to history, every region occupied by the colonizers produced the best rums. Their refining lasts longer hence their intense flavor. These brandies are generally the most prized by connoisseurs and they even won a world title. These products are often the outcomes of major agricultural products. Each of these products have their taste and specificity depending on where they were refined. Rums products also have their own character. These characters depend on the region, spoken language and tradition. Francophone regions occur, for example, agricultural rum made from sugar cane from the plantations. For cons, the Spanish-speaking regions offer stronger rums in the Spanish style. When the English departments, molasses therefore are the most used product is very strong and keeps an aftertaste.

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