Plan your trip around Sardinia

Sardinia is consider as one of the most popular destination in the Mediterranean for boat rental. By renting a boat in Sardinia, you will be able to fully explore these small paradises that are far from the usual tourist beaches known to all. There are various facilities available around these areas that makes it worth to plan a trip one of the best resident in sardinia is the Residenza Le Farfalle that offer great services to holiday makers.


In Sardinia, the Residence’s apartments surround the large panoramic pool and can be apartments with sea views, most of which are on the first floor or apartments with pool and country views on the ground floor.

Despite the environment of calm and relaxation, everything has been designed to offer you a stay in real homes, decorated and equipped with all the amenities.


Excursions on foot, on horseback, by bike in contact with nature or by car, at a moment of the most popular places of Northern Sardinia, from Castelsardo to Alghero, passing to visit nuraghi and domus of Janas. The Residence Le Farfalle located in the heart of a clearing in the countryside, surrounded by dense Mediterranean vegetation. There are several possibilities of choice for walks, horse riding, cycling. We must add the trips to the sea to dive and discover the historical and cultural heritage for a comprehensive offer and always varied.

Walking, trekking and horse riding, children will love exploring the green fields around the residence, where without any effort can be found donkeys, sheep, cows and yard animals. In spring, you can walk in search of myrtle berries, strawberries and blackberries that grow wild and abundant in this area. In the autumn, after the first rains, it will be easy to find snails and mushrooms, including the popular porcini mushrooms.


Choosing the holiday apartments Le Farfalle you will have access to the beaches and seaside resorts were you can boat rental sardiniafor your trip.We have equipped each apartment with a beach kit (2 folding beach chairs and 1 umbrella) to make your seaside excursions more enjoyable.

Here are some indications on the beaches which, according to us, will make unforgettable your holidays in Sardinia:

Lu Bagnu, hamlet of Castelsardo, is the closest seaside resort to the Residence, at 5, 5 km. The beach Sacro Cuore-Ampurias of fine sand, also won in 2013 the international recognition of the beach Blue Flag - a recognition granted to only 7 cities in all Sardinia. Hence, it is worth advantageous to plan a trip in this part of Spain were satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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