A little bit of St Barts history before your trip

The island of Saint-Barthélemy was discovered in 1493 by Christophe Colombe. He then baptized it in honor of his brother Bartholoméo. But long before, Saint-Barthélemy was first colonized by nationals of Saint-Kitts in 1648 and then sold in 1651 to the order of Malta. A few years later, all the settlers were massacred by a raid by the Caribbean Indians.

This did not deter the French sailors from Normandy and Brittany, who successfully colonized the island again. Living conditions on the island were improved with large spoils reported from Spanish galleons. Saint Barth is said to have served as the home base for the famous Monbars the Exterminator.

In 1758, Saint-Barth was taken by the English, but it was for a short time. It remained French property until 1784 when it was sold again. But this time to Sweden which undertook to make it a free port.

This island has known difficult times. Indeed, from July to October, Saint-Barth is exposed to cyclones. This is how it was devastated by a cyclone as well as by the fire of its capital in the years 1852.

Finally, it was returned to France in 1877. But it was not until 1946 that this wonderful island became French territory thanks to its inclusion in Martinique and Guadeloupe. From there, the citizens of the island received French nationality.

This small French island in the Lesser Antilles was long forgotten. Overseas collectivity, it is nevertheless characterized by its many tourist assets. This unusual tourist wealth is only the result of the mixture of several foreign cultures over several centuries.

Menu on the island

Taste the good local dishes of this locality in its beautiful restaurants in the heart of nature. You will be served good dishes with Creole flavors to delight the taste buds. The famous dishes of this island are the blood sausage, stuffed crab, Christophine with cod for example. However, you can also find savory Breton pancakes, sushi, pizza, burgers and much more.

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