A little insight into a trip down the Croatian coastline

When most people think of the Balkans, Croatia is likely one of the first countries to come to mind. Sweeping Adriatic views, beautiful turquoise waters framed by pebble beaches, tantalizing fresh seafood meals, exquisite architecture, plus a whole lot of Game of Thrones filming locations and Instagram opportunities. It’s safe to say Croatia ticks the boxes for basically any traveler.

The shoreline of the deep blue Adriatic is lined with palm trees and a cobbled walking path that winds past terra-cotta roofed houses and through quiet, green parks. Long and narrow, Croatia has the 5th longest coastline in Europe, trailing after Norway, Greece, the UK, and Italy. It has over a thousand islands – the official count is 1244 islands and islets, to be exact – though only a relatively small number of them are inhabited (48).

With so much coastline, it’s impossible to see all the most quaint and adorable Croatian towns and villages while still giving time for its beautiful islands, stunning cities, and numerous national parks and world heritage sites.

Brac is one of the most popular islands in Croatia, mostly so because of the world famous beach of Zlatni Rat. However, the island has a lot to offer, and it is easy to reach by boat from Split or Makarska.

Brac also has a lot of beautiful beaches, and if you rent a car it’s easy to do some hopping between the beaches. One of the best things to do on this island is simply driving around and find your own hidden gems. Windsurfing, kitesurfing, hiking, mountain-biking, and scuba diving/snorkeling are all popular activities on the island.

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