We offer you a connected luggage for your first trip with us !

The trip is a must for the body and for the mind as it is the ultimate in entertainment terms. Of course, a trip can be done in a professional or also to cultivate. In any case, everyone is expected to focus on the journey and not its problems. One of the most recurrent for this is baggage security and is a major concern. Indeed, there is no worse than being robbed her luggage while traveling. This is exactly to avoid this inconvenience connected luggage was designed.

Luggage connected: what is it?

You should know that the baggage system connected or luggage locator is very simple and convenient to use. Clearly, simply download the application via a smartphone and activate the system. After that, it will just place the system in luggage and locate his last anytime in real time always with the Smartphone. It will also be possible to use the Bluetooth phone to close the close monitoring. so it will be a great way to secure luggage. In case the luggage is lost during a trip, you can easily locate them using this system. From here you can focus entirely on the purpose of your trip without bothering you for luggage.

Luggage logged offered

On smart-Unit, you will find the best baggage security system. Indeed, we will ensure the safety of your luggage through the baggage system connected. Our prices are also very affordable, making sure a lesser price security. In addition, for your first trip with us, we will offer you a bag connected so you can try our services. Obviously a support service will always be available. So you can contact us to have more information about our services or our products. To do this, you can either do so via our same site or call us directly. In all cases, you will have an answer in the shortest possible time and be necessarily satisfied with our services.

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