Learn to mix cheese and wine

Who would not want to taste the best wines in the world, fine wines, vintages or not. It's a hobby more interesting and fun. But during the appetizers, it is even more interesting to wine and cheese to add flavor and give a better flavor. Besides the French cheeses are many with very special taste according to the variety.

The interest of mixing the cheese with wine

When you taste it with wine professionals, you will discover that the wine goes well with local cheeses. According to the chefs, marriage between wine and cheese offering indescribable emotion and explodes in the palace. It should nevertheless know the grant according to their taste. It is a typically French way to taste wine, the agreement must come from the taste of the wine that is to be more strong when the cheese is strong. Wine and cheese have that character to be more delicious with time and a good refining. The wine is best with cheese and cheese is milder with a drink.

What cheese with what wine?

For more show in the appetizer, he must know well to agree with your bottle cheese you will serve. soft paste, paste hard, origin, taste stronger or softer, the choice will influence the type of wine you will drink. As for wine, whether white, red, pink, or gray with a golden robe, he must have the characteristics of a good supplement. In the bordeaux tourism, if you are a novice in the field, serving wine with cheese of the same terroir such as the county with the Jura wine. You can not go wrong there. Otherwise, you have wines that go with cheeses especially including Roquefort with a Bordeaux or Camembert or Epoisses with white Pinot, etc. however, should be allowed to breathe more full-bodied wines before serving, while others are better if they were left in the charge before the tasting. So you improvise professional and know make an appetizer.

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