Cap ferret & oyster testing

You should know that the Cap Ferret is also a good destination offering original and insured entertainment. This destination is both rich in cultural level and in the activities. It will be interesting to go there and try to be really claim to a perfect trip. In all cases, it is still recommended to inquire about the details of it before making it.

What there is to see on the Cap Ferret

When we talk about cap ferret tourism, basic and best sights always will be part of the list of things to see or do. Above all, there is the activity of the bike is the best alternative to take the time to discover Cape whole. This bike path will, moreover, by all the major sites and will sink into the forest to the green stuff. A meal either dinner or lunch to stop or at pinasse cafe across the basin will be the thing to do next. The school choice will depend greatly on budget and resources. For the cultivation side, there is also the lighthouse of Cap Ferret. It's like the Eiffel tower in the region with its 258 steps. Once at the top of the lighthouse, we will have a breathtaking view of the entire Cap Ferret peninsula and across the Bay of Arcachon.

Eating oysters

This is probably the most popular activity when you go on the Cap Ferret. especially be engaging in this activity in one of the huts of the conch. These huts are different so you will have the choice as to which is the service provider. Generally, these huts are open from 11:30 to 22:00. The cards they offer are also identical presques namely oysters, whelks, shrimp paste campaign and all this complemented by a glass of white wine. Obviously, we will be entitled to desserts and grilled fish. About restaurants, they close later what will be a very good alternative to face to face.

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