Bask Country in summer is like the Caribean !

Where to spend your summer vacation? A common question throughout the year. The most taken destinations are historic cities or the beach destinations. The Basque Country is also an ideal destination for a quiet holiday with all the splendor of the Caribbean.

The Caribbean destination

The long sandy beaches, turquoise blue waters, these landscapes are Caribbean islands a popular destination for many tourists. Ideal for nature lovers, this area allows to escape from daily routines to be carried away by the magnificence of coconut and palm trees. Considered a safe haven, Barbados knows languish its tourists with its beautiful beaches of fine sand and clear waters. Fans of extreme sports will enjoy themselves. This destination also admits a swim with dolphins or visit historical monuments. Food lovers will be satisfied with a variety of taste and flavor in Caribbean cuisine.

The Basque Country in summer

Basque country are discovered in any season. The summer still remains the ideal time to get a better climate and therefore a pleasant temperature. Basque contry tower is the most popular destination during a stay in the basque country tour. It looks like Saint Jean de Luz in Spanish. We find the same long beach to walk all night and a quiet center to the Spanish paces. Besides, everything is at hand, the city is not big and everyone can wander the streets while enjoying the sun and nibble the local specialties. Take a trip to this destination is also escape from the hum drum to a haven of peace.

The Basque Country as the Caribbean is an ideal destination to recover ideas in place and have a good time. The diversity of landscape and tranquility there are great ways to forget the troubles of life.The Basque Country offers a change of scenery then in family, couple, solo and others.

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