A lot of people from Bordeaux, made a life in the Caribean

To truly enjoy all the attractions of a trip to France, it will necessarily pass on Bordeaux. This city is full of both history and sites that will fuse in order to satisfy all those in search of good times either as a couple or family. Of course, it will take a tad know the history of this city in order to really appreciate these sites. In any case, we are looking for entertainment or a good time relaxing, Bordeaux is a destination all indicated.

Bordeaux: what made what it is

If we refer to history, Bordeaux was primarily a Gallic village of blacksmiths before being under Roman rule. It is following the incessant invasions in the village that future Bordeaux took refuge behind the walls until the XIII th century. It must be said that the city has seen her grow thereafter by the war of 100 years. Clearly, the war promoted the vineyard expansion and impose the sale of wine from Bordeaux. Thus the city will expand thanks to a flourishing trade. You should also know that this is the XVIII century that Bordeaux know its heyday again thanks to the durability of the sale of wine. The birth of the triangular trade with Africa and the West Indies have also contributed to this longevity. It is important to note also the fact that over the tree-lined ramparts, instead of the stock market, the aisles of tourny and the district chartrons all date from this period. Also, the greatest architectural masterpieces of the city also date from the 18 th century.

The city and its sites

During a stay bordeaux tourism, it is important to note that several unpublished sites are located in Bordeaux and will offer a good relaxing time whether in entertainment or culturally. Above all, when we talk about history, culture, and we all affiliated to the city of Bordeaux, which will come first will be the wine. That's why the city so that the wine will be the first destination when recommended will be in town. Thereafter, to complete this beauty, we will go on the mirror of water that is simply unforgettable. Of course, one can easily relive the golden age of Bordeaux visit monuments such as the Grand Theatre, the Contemporary Art Museum and the Tower pey berland Cathedral St. André. Of course, the Aquitaine Museum and St. Peter's square will also be very good alternatives to relive the history of the city. Also, it will be recommended to go around the city by bike in order to really enjoy all the attractions it will offer.

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