Why the best wine are in France

The tourist attraction of France is understandable by the large number and the big variety of the points of interest, the diversity of the landscapes, the wealth of the historical, cultural and artistic heritage, the moderate climate and the eases of access and infrastructures of transport, but also by the equipment important and varied by the country in reception facilities (hotel business, amusement parks).

The country is also renowned for its high gastronomy and for its wines which matter among the best of the world. France is at the same time the first wine-making producing country and the first tourist destination to the world. 40 % of the foreign visitors who come in France come "also" for the wine and the gastronomy. 29 % come only for the wine and the gastronomy. The surface of the French vineyard is 850 000 hectares. 5 000 cellars welcome of the public! The " Wine trail of Alsace " record approximately 1,5 million visitors a year, also for the vineyards of Bourgogne.

Today you can make a tourist stay in France in one of the most prestigious French wine-making property. Recently, certain castles of the Bordelais, one of the biggest French vineyards, opens to the tourists.

Luxury wine tourism

For example, one all inclusive trip proposes rooms directly in castles, and not in outbuildings.

Three castles where it is possible to take up residence: Fombrauge, the castle Pope Clément and Tour Carnet crashed not far from the banks of the Garonne.

The activities proposed during the stay do not limit themselves to the tastings of whites or red: picnic in the vines of Cabernet-sauvignon, walk on the Bay of Arcachon...
In the tower Carnet, hundred-year-old property provided with two rooms freshly built, we act ourselves as great lord of the house. Staves, drawbridge, embroidered coat of arms, everything here sends back to the Middle Ages.
The luxury wine tourism is a good option to visit France in a short time.

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